The surgery issues thousands of prescriptions every month. In order to do so effectively and safely, it is very helpful if patients can assist us by correctly following the surgery procedures.


Prescriptions are either:

ACUTE (i.e. one off) or REPEAT (as the name suggests repeated regularly over a period of time)


You do not need to see the Doctor each time you obtain a repeat prescription. If you are on any repeat prescriptions, these will be listed on the right-hand side of your prescription and this can be used to re-order prescriptions by ticking the boxes and handing the prescription in to the surgery.


The surgery now uses EPS4 (electronic prescription service) this means that if we have a record of your nominated pharmacy we will send all prescriptions direct to the pharmacy for you and you will not need to collect your prescription from us.


Please note that as from 5th July 2011 the surgery moved to a system in which the maximum length of a repeat prescription was changed to 56 days (two months) as opposed to 84 days (three months). This is in line with what the majority of surgeries in the UK are doing and also with the guidance from NHS England.


How to order Repeat Prescriptions

Complete the right-hand side of your prescription form and hand it in to the surgery (the advantage of this is less writing for you and it is easier for us to read).

Come into the surgery and complete a request form-there is a collection box located in reception.

Order online via Systmonline

Please allow 3 working days, (this excludes weekends and Bank Holidays), for your request to be processed. Any problems please telephone the surgery.

For some patients who are prescribed certain types of medications (usually prescribed very regularly and with no changes), it is possible to collect all prescriptions directly from the pharmacy without having to contact the surgery. This arrangement is usually time limited to a maximum of one year and you will have to nominate a pharmacy. Please contact reception for further information .

Important points

Please try to plan ahead and ensure we receive your requests in good time, noting in particular possible interruptions such as Bank Holidays

We do NOT accept requests for prescriptions over the telephone as we do not consider this to be a safe practice.

If you receive a prescription from the hospital, this will also take at least 48 hours to process.

Some medications are subject to REVIEW DATES. This means that you will need to see, or speak to the Doctor on the telephone before another prescription can be issued. This is obligatory for Doctors to carry out and can be frustrating for patients who do not notice a review date, or fail to take action on it. If there is a review date on your prescription form it will be clearly marked.

We allow patients or their relatives / friends / representatives to pick up prescriptions at reception-a number of local pharmacies do pick up and deliver prescriptions as a service to patients

Extended Prescriptions for Travel

Patients who are going abroad for more than one month may be provided with a FP10 prescription which covers the period of travel, up to a maximum of 3 months, provided that treatment does not need to be reviewed by the GP at more frequent intervals.

Travellers who are going abroad longer periods cease to be a NHS patient once they have been out of the country for more than 3 months. It is expected that such patients will obtain medical attention and supplies of any drugs they require in the country they are visiting.

If a patient going abroad for more than 3 months is travelling to a remote area where drugs are likely to be unobtainable, the GP may provide the patient with a private prescription to cover the duration of travel beyond the first 3 months.The full cost of the drugs will be payable by the patient on a private prescription.

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