Important Information for Patients who bring in Urine Specimens for Testing:


There have been important changes made to the way that the surgery now collects in Urine Samples for testing.


The decision to make these changes was made after analysing some recent research, which showed that the current system is not in keeping with the latest clinical evidence and practice.


In the future, we will now only accept Urine Specimens at reception which:


1.       Have been requested by a GP (we need to know who)

2.       Are accompanied by a completed Urine Sample Form (located at                  reception) which must be completed by the patient

3.       Patients with urinary Tract (Water) Infections


If you think that you are suffering from a Water Infection (UTI) please call the surgery as soon as possible and inform them of your symptoms.


The reception will then arrange for the Duty GP to call you on the same day.


The most common symptoms of a Water Infection (UTI) include:


1.       Pain when passing urine

2.       Increased frequency of urination (going to the toilet more often)

3.       Passing small amounts of urine, but still feeling the need to urinate

4.       Appearance of blood in your urine

5.       Pain below your 'Belly Button' or one sided pain in the mid back                  region


When the Duty Dr calls, they will discuss your symptoms and treat the condition as appropriate. In most cases, this will be a course of antibiotics (not always necessary) and you may be asked to drop off a urine sample, but not in all cases.


So, if you feel you have a Water Infection (UTI), please call up the surgery first and speak to the Duty Doctor. DO NOT bring a urine sample to the practice unless you have been asked to by the Doctor!

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