Stopping Smoking


stop smoking.jpgSmoking is responsible for a huge number of deaths in the UK every year and is the largest single preventable cause of death in patients. In addition to that, many patients are left with irreversible side effects including severe breathlessness and the loss of limbs. Yet despite this widespread information, many patients continue to smoke, for many of those, it is the feeling that they will not be able to cope if they give up smoking that prevents them from trying to quit.


We’d like to let you into the secret that many people successfully quit smoking with our help every year-and don’t become stressed out angry individuals in the process!

If you are a smoker, stopping smoking will lead almost immediately to a number of significant health benefits, in addition to which you will feel fitter, fresher, enjoy your food more and have lots more energy. That’s not to mention the large amounts of money that you will save too.


If you want to quit smoking, please speak to our Care Navigation team for an appointment with a smoking cessation technician. The first step is an initial screening interview, during which time we will assess the best way for you to quit. There are many different methods and treatment options available and these will be discussed with you. If you are not sure in the meantime, please see below for our top tips on giving up.


Do you want to stop smoking?

Everyone has things they like and dislike about their smoking.  The decision to stop smoking depends on the things you don't like being more important than the things you do like.  It can be useful to think of it as a balance.  Have a look on the scales.  What are the good and bad things for you?



you enjoy it

it's relaxing

it stops stress

it breaks up the day

it relieves boredom

it's sociable

it stops weight gain

it stops you craving



it's bad for you

it makes you less fit

it's expensive

it's a bad example for kids

it's bad for others’ health

you're addicted

it's unpleasant for others

other people disapprove

it's a smelly habit


Add any more that you can think of.  Are you ready to stop smoking?  If yes, maybe it's the right time to have a go.  If no, think about the good and bad things about smoking.  This might swing the balance for you.


You can do it...

People who want to stop smoking usually succeed.  10 million people in Britain have stopped smoking - and stayed stopped - in the last 15 years.  Many of them found it much easier than they expected!


Try it out...

If you don't feel ready for an all-out attempt to stop smoking, there are some useful ways to prepare yourself.  You could try some of the following ideas now.  This will help you when you try to stop smoking.

Delay your first cigarette of the day by half an hour. 

Stop smoking for 24 hours.

Cut down the number you smoke by 5 cigarettes per day.


Planning will help...

When you stop, it helps to plan ahead.  Here are some things that have worked for others:

Pick a day to stop, and let your family and friends know. 

Think of situations where you might feel tempted to smoke, and plan how you could avoid or deal with them. 

Get rid of all cigarettes and ashtrays the day before. 

When you do stop, take one day at a time; don't look too far ahead. 


If it gets tough...

Many people do hit rough patches; there are ways to deal with these.

Below are some suggestions that other people have found useful.

If you do have a cigarette after a few days, just put it behind you and keep on trying.

Prepare yourself for another attempt; many people have more than one go before they stop for good!


If you are finding it hard, there are a lot of ways to cope.  Some of these may be right for you:

Change your routine, for example, avoid tea or coffee after a meal

Avoid social occasions where you might be tempted to smoke

Keep busy

Fiddle with a rubber band

Read a magazine

Chew gum

Phone a friend

Try to think of some ideas yourself

Change surroundings

Have a bath or shower

Go for a walk

Wash the car

Get some exercise

Exercise helps relieve stress and boredom

It takes your mind off cigarettes

Reward yourself:

Put the money you save towards a treat at the end of the first day, or week, or month

Remind yourself why you want to stop smoking!


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