Mental Health, Counselling and Welfare Advice:


The prevalence of Mental Health Issues and stress related conditions within the UK is high, despite this, there are still many taboos around the subject. Patients are often unable or unwilling to talk to their family, friends or GP / Nurse.


The fact is that GPs and Nurses see a very large number of people with Mental Health Issues ranging from mild depression or anxiety all the way through to more serious conditions and are very experienced at putting patients at ease.


Your GP will be able to refer you to an appropriate specialist service if you require further treatment. 


Patients who are worried or anxious about their personal finances, debt problems, benefits issues or even social exclusion etc can be referred to one of our Connect Social Prescribers.


The trained Connect Social Presciber can offer a variety of advice or just a listening ear.  Alternatively speak to one of the Care Navigators and they can refer our patients to our Connect Social Presciber. From time to time our GP’s also refer to this service.

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