Practice Management:

Sally Fairbanks                                            Practice Operations Manager


Medicine Management:

Melanie Foster                                            Pharmacist

Zoe Ukemenam                                          PCN Pharmacist


Care Navigation (Reception):

All of our receptionists are well trained and experienced in dealing with patients. They understand the need for confidentiality and will always strive to make patients feel at ease. It is likely that most, if not all of your queries and concerns, can be resolved by them.


Di                                                                     Lead Care Navigator/Prescription Clerk

Sheila                                                              Care Navigator/Prescription Clerk

Emma                                                              Care Navigator/Prescription Clerk

Amanda                                                          Care Navigator

Julia                                                                Care Navigator

Karen W                                                         Care Navigator

Sarah                                                              Care Navigator



Lynn                                                                Admin/Finance

Liz                                                                   Medical Secretary

Karen B                                                          Medical Secretary /Patient Data Lead

Renata                                                           Quality and Audit Lead

Miki                                                                Administrator

Gemma                                                          Administrator

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